Month: December 2015

Windows 10 User rights assignment

Since upgrading to windows 10 i’ve been plagued with problems of processes and systems failing because of insufficient user rights – including the inability to access folders and files (for example some wsdl files i had squirreled away on my c drive, when running in SSIS needing to copy these to an ‘accessible’ location on my desktop… not really sustainable

Looking into these issues people are hacking about with all sorts of fixes, elevating user privileges on the files and folders – but this only lasts for the user session and disappears on a restart, if you can get it to work at all.

My user login in in the local admin group and always worked before for some batch jobs being run – these had started failing so I was able to fix this with the following steps:

  • Type: Local Security Policy into windows search
  • Run the program as administrator
  • Choose user rights assignment
  • Select Log on as Batch Job
  • Add my normal user
  • Save
  • Close and Restart

And that’s fixed it. To be honest i had no idea these tools existed, and I’m convinced the problem to my other security issues are in here somewhere i just need to find some time to look