Never thought it would be so complicated to remove a customised object and put everything back across a business to the standard out of the box Salesforce instance. The hardest element – without doubt – has been the cultural changes to business processes. No matter how simplistic the approach technically, I have spent more time in meetings and on calls discussing the *why* things are different as opposed to the *how*.

What has been refreshing is having actually intelligent users to work with. On one hand the asking of *how* has not been an issue because people ‘get it’ – on the other the asking of *why* could be indicative of one of two things. It could be the negative approach which finds it difficult to cope with the change in itself as it affects working practice and people are scared of change, or alternatively it could be the ‘masters thinking’ approach of understanding the philosophical repercussions of the change in itself. And i’m quite happy to report it seems to be the latter. Although you would rather people just *did*, i’d much rather be surrounded by people who want to understand the logic underpinning the changes rather than moan about how crap life is…


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